Tanzania's TMK Wanaume Family makes a comeback with an average tune 'Tupo On'

Y'all remember the legendary Tanzanian music group that consisted of Chege Chigunda and the likes of Juma Nature?

Does the word 'Temeke' ring in your mind even after 10 plus years of not seeing quite a number of the crew on the limelight?

All under Mkubwa na Wanawe, the crew released there last song more than 10 years and then went separate ways to venture in to solo careers that has since seen the loose ropes get cut and the strong ones like Chege Chigunda and Juma Nature become strong and legendary household names not only in Tanzania but also in East Africa as a whole.

Only 8 months after they announced a comeback, they have already put effort in studio to come up with a new single 'Tupo On' but 90 per cent of the acts are new faces with remarkable names like Chege Chigunda being missed in the More Beats produced song as seen on the comment section of the YouTube video.

Our music industry has for the last one year evolved rapidly and every artist both old and new is making an effort to move with the current trend of instrumentals and vulgar lyrics just so they can fit but not for TMK Wanaume Family who have made sure to only bring the "kIBOSS BOSS" type of music to their already starved fans.

Editors Remarks

Tupo On should have been a very special tune considering the artists are making a comeback after 10 years hiatus. It should have been given sufficient if not enough promo across the globe just like they did with Yamoto Band on their launch as a band. The song is average and they should get back to studio as soon as you finish reading this.

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