"Stop asking me to have kids with you," says Radio Presenter Terry Muikamba

Outspoken radio personality Terry Muikamba has warned men against asking childless women when they will have kids.

The Classic 105 presenter intimated that it is insensitive to ask such questions as one might not know what a childless woman is going through.

“To men out there you should stop asking women when they are getting kids. You might not know what people out there are going through,” she stated.

At the same time, Terry disclosed that she is not ready to have children of her own at the moment. She was responding after her co-presenter Mike Mondo asked if she plans to have children.

“I am not ready for kids but when I am I will get them,” she said.

Ms Muikamba further noted women should be pressured to have children just because the biological clock is ticking.

“Kids are a forever attachment so its not something you just do just because your biological clock is ticking,” she said, further suggesting that adoption is always a viable option.

“Furthermore, there are so many kids out there who don’t have parents so even adoption is an option.”

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