Clubs and Pubs reduce beers to half price to mark Eluid Kipchoge’s win

Trust Kenyans to find any excuse to party.

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We are just from a public holiday but it did not end there. As of today, some clubs will be selling beers at ksh159 in solidarity with Eluid Kipchoge, as he attempts to break his own record.

And as we all know,Kenyans are always on that 'Parte after Parte' mood some are already asking the government to make Monday an Eliud Kipchoge public holiday.

Here are a few clubs you can enjoy beer at half price as we celebrate the win of Eluid Kipchoge.

More and more pubs and clubs across the country will be selling more and more beer at Shs. 159 to mark this win.

Confirm with your local area club or pub for the offer.

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