Diamond Platnumz's London speech that has left tongues wagging

Over the week Diamond Platnumz received a Philanthropic Endeavor Community Action Award, thanks to his massive contribution to society.

As usual with every award ceremony one is always given a chance to give an appreciation speech or rather a vote of thanks and that is where the whole story started.

You might not find it puzzling to watch a 'Boy From Tandale' speak broken English in England due to the fact that the only language he can express himself best is Swahili.

While called upon to receive his award the Wasafi boss made sure to express his joy and happiness by giving our a word of encouragement to the ladies and gentlemen present in the house but w oe unto you if you grace the world of fame and are not able to express yourself in commonly accepted International languages lkke the Queen’s language.

Tanzanian star, Diamond Platnumz fell victim of such. The bongo flava artist has been exposed to the bongo language since his childhood and has stuck with it to date.

The message was delivered but the struggle that came with it is what makes it even hard to encode.

Watch the video below:

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