Diana Marua Publicly Defends Husband After Fan Dissed Bahati’s Dress Code

Gospel artist Bahati and wife Diana Marua have never shied away from professing their love publicly nor displaying emotions.

The couple, who have a reality Tv show called Being Bahati airing every Sunday have fed their fans with their lifestyle, family and most vulnerable moments are a ride or die match made in heaven.

In a recent post, Diana posted a picture of the husband dressed in green and white, pouring praises and labeling him ‘Man Crush’.

“Niwache niringe. My kipenzi, Nakulove” read the caption, which translates to ‘let me brag, my love, I love you.

This did not go well with majority of their fans, as the comment section was filled with critiques where they went ham on his dress code and even asked her to dress him like an adult.

One specific fan threw her off and said that he was father of five children, it was high time he started acting like one.

“Teach your man to dress like a father of five. He is still dressing like a bachelor,” the post read.

Following the incident, Diana did not disappoint her husband. She snapped and told off the fan to mind his business and focus on his home, as she was contented with hers.

“He is my husband. Focus on your home, ours is at peace,” said Diana.

Bahati and the wife have recently been on the receiving end of social media, with people critiquing every move they make.

The fan base accused them of faking stunts to gather audience and living a fake life style to garner views or market their businesses.

However, the two have stuck together not giving a care in the world.

Early this week, a fan had made a post wanting their reality tv show cancelled.

The fan complained that he (Bahati) was being given too much airtime on tv yet there were other who were talented and needed their craft documented on television.
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