Harmonize confirms Zari is still in love with Diamond

If you have been following Zari on social media, most of her posts have been about Diamond and Tanasha Donna. And it is always to throw shade.

This is a characteristic of a babe who has not moved on from her ex. Case closed.

Now Harmonize, who abandoned WCB, knew Diamond so well, they were always together before the beef started and so he knows a lot about him.

Konde Boy released his first single dubbed Uno and in the song, he takes shots at both Diamond and Zari.

He subliminally says that the mother of 5 is not over Diamond. Confirming our allegations on last week’s scoop on the Maloko show.

He sang,
Basi kata taratibu tibu usije pata ajali. Uno la Chibu Chibu linamkondesha Zari, (Take it slow you don’t get into an accident. Diamond is still driving Zari crazy)

In this song, he is hitting back directly at Diamond revealing that wherever he does is he leaves his seed somewhere which always ends up with a fight between people.

Harmonize could have been paying back at the embarrassment the WCB boss caused in his song Inama. It was revealed that Mwarabu, their bodyguard had slept with Sarah and that is why Mwarabu lost his job.

Harmonize fell out with his former record label after quitting Wasafi, with Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen saying that he betrayed them. We still do not know what the beef is.

The Konde Gang boss said on 10 over 10 that there some issues that forced him to up and leave WCB.

But he mentioned an important point, their music is a business and so they will say or reveal anything in their songs for them to get clout because that is what fans want.
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