He is a player - Diana Marua’s sister exposes gospel artiste Weezdom

Diana Marua’s sister, Val has brought new drama to the Bahati Reality show. And she is very dramatic.

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The plan was for her to take over Bahati’s ex PA Emma whom he fired after she snitched on his ‘cheating’ behavior to Diana Marua.

Diana Marua's sister Val

Just when we thought Val would be any better, she turned out to be worse and not only for Bahati but also Weezdom.

She pulled a stunt (read the story below) that led Bahati to make drastic changes. She was to be the manager to Weezdom and Peter Blessing.

Well, that decision did not go so well. Both parties refused to work with each other and Val’s reason was shocking. Apparently Weezdom is always in her DM’s.

“no no no! Weezdom? No! If you’re trying to get rid of me no! I can never work with him. Haka nikafisi! Please keep quiet let me speak. He has been sliding in my DM’s I can even show you evidence. He has been flooding my DM’s” Val SHOUTED

Gospel artist, Weezdom

Weezdom was shocked to hear these allegations.

“Mimi Val? When did I slide in your DM. Let me tell you something Val. I know myself very well. Stop trying to please people. Yani me a handsome boy? So many people are looking for me. Do I look like Shiti? I can not work with you. Ukona kiherehere.” Weezdom responded

Diana Marua and sister Val

He added,

I am single and searching but I would rather be single if you’re the type of people I will find when I am searching. I am not going to work with this woman. She has a lot of Kiherehere.

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