Here is why Huddah Monroe spent her birthday in the police station

Huddah Monore has had a memorable birthday celebration this year. From the past years, we have seen her go all extra for her birthday, but this time she spent it with her close circle only.

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She kicked off the celebration with a visit to Good Samaritan Rescue Centre that is located between the border of Huruma and Mathare. In fact, it is just around the place she was brought up.

She donates money to the home as a way of giving back to society. Together with her team, they went to spend what she calls a happy day with the children in the home.

Later in the night, Huddah changed into a sleek short glittery silver dress and went for dinner with her close friends and family then hit the club at Milan where she was popping bottles in celebration of a new year.

Little did she know the night would end up with her in the police station. Apparently she upset them after she pretended she did not know them.

From her recent Instagram post, she posted at home in a dera meaning she was released but we will keep you updated how it all went down.

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