I Married Younger Lover For Bedroom Fun – Diamond Platnumz’s Mother

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandrah, has ruled out plans of siring more children saying she did not want to be distracted by parenting.

Sandra, who is married to a younger lover, Rally Jones has been making headlines recently with expressions of love and public display of affection.

At one time she was criticized of engaging in things meant for the younger generation, with fans asking her to give his lover a child or risk being cheated on.

She however has answered the critics, saying she did not get married for the sake of having kids, rather to have bedroom fun and compensate for all she had missed during her years of struggle.
Speaking recently in a local media interview, she expressed intense joy while welcoming the new addition of her grandson.

The interviewer was prompted to ask if she was willing to have more of her own and she decline.

According to Sandrah, children are tiring and involve committed parenting, something that she is not ready to do.

“We married each other to have fun and not make babies. We are too old to start raising babies again as I might die during labor. My husband loves me just like this,” said Sandrah.

Her relationship with her son Diamond is one that has made national headlines, with allegations that he was controlling him hence his failed past relationships.

At one time she was accused of abusing Tanzania beauty and model Hamisa Mobetto who also sired a child with his son.

The marriage to her younger lover has ignited debates online and offline, regarding the position of the society in older women-young men relationships.
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