I would smash you if we weren’t workmates - Andrew Kibe to Kamene Goro

Kiss 100’s Kamene and Kibe are just the duo to listen to in the morning when you want a good laugh.

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You can never be too sure the surprise they will have for you. Today Andrew Kibe decided to confess that he would not mind smashing Kamene Goro. I know!

But what stops him is their work relationship. He wouldn’t want to ruin that.

This topic arose after Kamene came out to ask why people think females and males cannot just be friends. She is refuting this claim because she has a lot of male friends as opposed to female friends because she believes they are dramatic.

I have very few female friends. actually I have no female close friends. I have said this so many times and does this mean that I cannot just have male friends with no strings attached. All the friendships I have had with females go down south. So I prefer men

This upset Kibe. He could not believe Kamene, who is very much educated, can say such things as if she does not understand how men are.

haven’t you understood who men are? One day as you’re walking to 11th floor and your tipsy and walking up the stairs and you’re in the mood, that is when you will know these are not your just friends. the day you feel like that job is not as important then I will come for you, no lie.

A lady called in and said that Kibe is always making up things. She was so adamant saying that she can have male friends with no strings attached.

I have very many close male friends and we drink together and just chill. I have been with them even when I am so high and nothing has happened.

Then a male caller said there is nothing like male and female friends. There is always feelings involved.

For the first time, I concur with Andrew Kibe
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