Interesting facts about Vera Sidika’s new bae, Jimmy Chansa

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has a new man, or so it seems.

Months after breaking up with singer Otile Brown, Vera has moved on with a new hunk.

Through her Instagram page, Vera has been flaunting her new man even recently sharing a video of herself cooking him pilau, perhaps displaying she’s wife material?

But who’s the hunk warming Vera’s bed? Well, first he’s known as Jimmy Chansa Minja and hails from neighbouring Tanzania.

Here a more interesting facts about Jimmy.

Dr Jimmy

The title ‘Dr’ is not from earning himself a doctorate, but because he is a medical doctor.

Jimmy got his medicine degree in 2018 after graduating on November 18, a fete that saw him celebrate with friends and family.

“5 years, 10 semesters, done.  MD-Medicinae Doctor (Doctor of Medicine),” he captioned a video of his graduation.


Aside from being a medical doctor, Jimmy, who’s a friend of Tanzanian singer Juma Jux is also a musician.

Though his musical career is far from successful, he has released four tracks, Mi Nawe, Raha, Sijakusahau and Tamtafuta.

Tamtafuta, his most successful song on YouTube has been viewed 20,000 times.

TI look-alike

Jimmy bears an uncanny resemblance to American rapper Clifford ‘TI’ Harris. On several occasions, he’s shared photos of TI, with some unsuspecting netizens failing to tell the two apart.

Whether Jimmy and Vera are seriously dating remains to be seen. It’s not unlike Vera to hype her projects by making news headlines.

Just recently, photos of a slightly darker Vera emerged, sending rumour mills on overdrive. It later emerge that she was building hype around her new song, Mimi.

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