Mwanaisha Chidzuga and other media personalities retrenched by K24

The culmination of what was a psychologically strenuous month came to an end yesterday at K24, located along Kijabe Street following an internal memo that put staffers on alert about an impending retrenchment drive.

The Mediamax Network Limited run TV channel, K24 saw the ax come down on 160 senior reporters and editors. The names that have so far been leaked of those who were sent home include:

News anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga, Managing Editor, Swahili Franklin Wambugu, Deputy Managing Editor Ali Mtenzi, Head of sports Torome Tirike, Tony Timase Head of Business, Senior Reporter Frankilin Macharia and Swahili Anchor Juma Bhalo.

It is reported that the CEO, Ken Ngaruiya and the head of the HR department called for a meeting early Wednesday morning and they attempted to mentally prepare their staffers for what was to come.

This is some sad news for not just those affected and their families but for the media industry at large because with these tough economic times, we are left to wonder whether we are going to face the same fate.

Anyway, all we can do for now is send positive vibrations and support at the direction of the 160 former K24 employees.
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