Pastor Ng’ang’a plans to revive the gospel industry after releasing new gospel song

Pastor Ng’ang’a has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He has been recorded on video either abusing his church congregants or he has gone on the record being abrasive to downright assaulting members of his church.
And at some point things got so bad that the youth at his church moved to court to stop him from insulting them.

Things got so bad that at some point he even got international attention and notoriety and none other than Snoop Dogg took aim at this pastor who uses the pulpit to insult people:

He has decided to do something with all the attention he has gotten. And what he has done is to release a new song.

In his new song, Pastor Ng’ang’a talks about a point of desperation in his earlier days when he resolved to go to Uganda to seek his fortunes there but that decision wasn’t a long-lasting one and he soon made his way back to his mother’s house:

Maisha yangu iliharibika nikatamani kuenda Uganda, nilipofika Busia Kenya nilitaka kuenda Uganda,nilipofika Uganda nlitamani kuenda Nairobi, nilipofika Nairobi nilitamani kuona mama, nilipofika nyumbani kwetu nilitamani kuenda Nairobi,

Check out the jam below and let us know if you think it is a hit:
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