Pay Census Enumerators Money Owed - Babu Owino Warns Treasury CS

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino took his fight with the government a notch higher when he picked a fight with Treasury CS, Ukur Yatani.

On Wednesday, October 16, Owino jumped to the defence of census workers who claimed they were yet to be paid after the strenuous work.

Babu took to social media to assert that anonymous individuals were out to benefit by embezzling the funds released to pay the enumerators.

"This is because there is a group of government workers who make it their business to take advantage of young people at every opportunity they get. If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it’s those who try to profit from the sweat of others!" Owino lamented.

The ODM legislator went on to warn that he would go after such oppressors.

"We will never allow that; especially when it’s young men and women who are suffering!" Owino declared.

The legislator further pinpointed several agencies he believed were at fault.

"I am putting the State Department of Planning on notice and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics as well. If you ate our young people’s money, you will surely vomit it!" Owino posted.

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