President Uhuru's Cousin Dragged Into Tob Cohen's Murder Case

President Uhuru Kenyatta's cousin was on Tuesday, October 1 dragged into the court case unraveling the murder of Dutch Billionaire Tob Cohen.

Reports by Citizen Digital disclosed that Philip Murgor, who is representing Sarah Cohen, the late billionaire's wife, accused the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) of leaking the case's information.

Murgor pointed out that a certain news publication had disclosed that the president's kin, who he declined to name, had been arrested in connection with the murder of the Dutchman, and on seeking confirmation, the journalist involved disclosed that the information originated from the DCI.

“There's a publication that a second cousin of Uhuru has been arrested. I called the journalists and he said he was given the information by the DCI,” Murgor told the court.

The lawyer further affirmed that the court had initially issued a directive barring lawyers and investigating teams from commenting on the matter outside court.

Murgor vowed to file a suit against the DCI for leaking information related to the murder case.

The prosecution, led by Catherine Mwaniki, however, denied the claims and explained that they would investigate the source of the leak

On Thursday, September 26, during his client's murder hearing, Cohen's family lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, raised the issue of the status of Murgor as a state prosecutor, leading to postponement.

"So that none of us is embarrassed at the end of the day, not him and not any of us, this position must be clarified before he even takes plea on behalf of his client," Ombeta stated.

He had raised issues regarding Murgor's status, stating that the former Director of Public Prosecutions was still gazetted as a special prosecutor.

However, on Tuesday, October 1, Murgor defended himself maintaining that he had resigned and further accused the prosecution of working with politicians to ‘buy time’.

“I am not a prosecutor and don’t want to be a public prosecutor so I’m not boarding. A resignation is absolute and unilateral, we have not been served with any evidence yet we have an application for bail pending,” maintained Murgor.
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