RnB crooner Donado releases 'Situation EP' taking control of the already ailing genre

Locally, RNB has been an already sinking ship.

Internationally, RNB is at its best with the discovery of Ari Lenox, Ella Mai, H.E.R, Summer Walker, Sir, Elijah Blake, Kehlani and the other elites in the game.

Unfortunately many local artists are focusing on Pop hits or rather known as club hits forgetting that they only last a period of time.

If you have taken sometime to listen to Situations by Donado, I am sure you have realized that all the songs in this project is something that would be sampled 10 years from now.

You would not be disappointed with the project unless, if so we need to talk about your taste in music.
The artistry and musicality of the project puts it on a whole other level compared to all the other projects I have heard in 2019.

We cannot take away the fact that this is a RNB gem, but to be fair, his seniors such as Kagwe Mungai and Sauti Sol paved the way for him to be able to do such a thing and get away with it.

The project that focuses on an undefined relationship, otherwise known as a situation ship by the current generation, throws into account what almost everyone has gone through and that sets it apart from any other projects put out this year.

Why has it changed the game? Well, answer this, who names their depression?

The score of creativity put down in paper and musical production calls into account the thought process to which he was in as he put together this project.

A praise to his writing team all including American pop singer based in California, Lexxi Saal who helped pen down 'Cry No More, Ife Kolade, an American RNB singer songwriter based in Maryland who was a feature in the first single 'Down For You and Ruzakin who helped pen down 'Cry No More, 'In Love' and my personal favorite 'Pretty Sinner'.

We cannot forget to give props to the production level all handles by a Nairobi based producer, GoonerTheCreator.

All said and done, this is a project I would advise you to listen to. Its not a lets go to the party kind of feel, but that moment you get from work and want to chill, its the company you deserve.

Get Your Copy Of The EP here or by visiting the link below


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