Robert Alai's Blow That Silenced Akothee After Silverstone Plane Crash

Robert Alai has reignited his beef with Akothee months after she referred him as a product of a failed abortion.

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This was hours after a plane belonging to Silverstone Air Limited crashed at the Wilson Airport leaving a passenger injured.

Alai took this disaster as an opportunity to slam Akothee who is the airline’s brand ambassador.

“Akothee is a drug addict hooked to hard drugs. She is addicted to the syringe. Anyone listening to her is crazy!!!,” Alai tweeted.

Akothee had earlier sent out a message in a bid to absolve the airline from the impending backlash and boycott.

“Stay calm 🙏🏾 Our Aircraft had an incident after take off from Wilson this morning. Everyone who was on board is safe and the passenger who was injured is being treated. We are doing everything possible to ensure that all is well and we continue to give you the best service. Investigations are already on to find out what happened. We will give you more details in due cause. We pride ourselves in giving the best of service and this accident is an isolated case. #flysilverstoneair,” she posted.

Robert Alai and Akothee started beefing a few months ago after the blogger accused Madam boss of being prostitute and a drug addict.

Akothee then handed his a** to him by calling him a product of a failed abortion.

“Your m%ther sold her pu##y to your dad all years and the only thing she achieved was a disgrace like you! You actually look like a product of failed abortion 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂, may I know how rich your girlfriends or wife are if any, since you started sleeping with them ,them, are one of those men who are so broke that only ejaculates water while the real men who respect women were blessed with mercurmercury, get a life, Aloyi nyaka macha nga, jatich koyo , angok matho, get 2 minutes of fame on my wall, before I delete this post , you are so disgusting,” read her caustic post.

She also addressed claims of abusing drugs by posting, “Robert is even accusing me of being injected with cocaine. Madam I was born with it in my veins I don’t need overdose. This Kenya is too fake. Akothee chumbi chuo kama otuone ema otuche. They shall live in peace only if you leave my shit out of your dirty brains, cyber bullies. May all the curses land on where they are designed, leave my baby sister out of your broke arse! We have screenshots of you trying to threaten her with some nyakundi shit and asking her out. Shame on you, you are the kind of men who have the wrong approach to women because you know you’re not worth their time and beauty! You already suffering from self-esteem issues and when they say no, you get offended and create drama! Nkt, who can date ugly broke arse like you. If you had money, maybe someone would think about covering your face with dem dollars, hauna pesa sura pia ndio hiyo na tabia ya mwanamke.”
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