Sarah Cohen's Miseries Pile Up After Latest Court Decision

Sarah Wairimu, the embattled wife of deceased Dutch Tycoon, Tob Cohen had more miseries piled up on her after the latest court decision.

On Tuesday, October 1, Wairimu appeared before the court to take a plea but her case was adjourned again as his lawyer Philip Murgor was fighting a case to have him thrown out of the case.

Wairimu who is suspected to have murdered her husband was thrown into detention for two more days.

On Thursday, September 26, Murgor had also been the subject of a probe during his client's hearing.

Tob Cohen's family lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, raised the issue of the legitimacy of Murgor as a state prosecutor, leading to the postponement of the hearing.

"So that none of us is embarrassed at the end of the day, not him and not any of us, this position must be clarified before he even takes plea on behalf of his client," Ombeta stated.

He had raised issues regarding Murgor's status, stating that the former Director of Public Prosecutions was still gazetted as a special prosecutor.

Murgor retaliated by stating that the state had detained Wairimu for over 30 days which was already an infringement of her rights.

"I am not applying for bail. We are arguing about the rights of Sarah. She has been in court for over 30 days. They should be mindful that she has been denied her liberty for 30 days, Murgor argued.

On Tuesday, October 1, he reiterated his stand that he had resigned as a state prosecutor and further accused the prosecution of being politically instigated.

“I am not a prosecutor and don’t want to be a public prosecutor…so I’m not boarding. A resignation is absolute and unilateral. We have not been served with any evidence and we have an application for bail pending,” he said.

In another twist on the case, another woman was taken in for questioning by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in connection with the late Billionaire Tob Cohen's murder case.

Nancy Kigwe Wettstein was taken into custody by the sleuths. The Daily Nation of Tuesday, October 1, 2019, reported that DCI George Kinoti confirmed that investigators believe Wettstein could shed more light on the ongoing investigation.

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