"Ongeza Speed, I hit 2 million views in 24 hours," Octopizzo to Khaligraph on new song

Khaligraph Jones has mastered the art of making sure he releases tracks that will get him to the top trending on YouTube.

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The fact that his music is always tending makes him happy and he has posted his excitement on social media.

Haters are a must once you’re in the limelight and for Khaligraph it’s no different.

A fan commented under a post where the OG was thanking his fans for making his songs both Khali Cartel – that is now at 1million views and Siogopi trend, and he made sure he tagged Octopizzo.

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Rapper Octoppizo / Photo Courtesy of octopizzo.com[/caption]

@octopizzo, ndugu wa kayole anaringa na kutrend hajui wewe ulimake two million views within 24 hours

When we thought the drama between the two rappers was over, Octopizzo decided to throw in some shade in support of that comment saying,

na hiyo ilikuwa 2 years ago, vitu zinafurahisha wanaume kenya saa zingine…niko cha mbele waongeze speedi

Rappers can really try and create beef out of anything. Khaligraph is happy with the progress he has made in his career and Octopizzo cannot let him do it in peace.

In as much as Papa Jones is very quick to respond to haters, he does not have time for number nane’s finest anymore. He is too busy being a father or making music.

Watch his new release below featuring his brother:
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