Tanasha forced to produce documents to prove sons birth date

Tanasha played with our psychology two week ago when we thought she gave birth to baby Naseeb only for us to be surprised that the baby came on Diamond’s birthday.

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That is when all the rumors started flooding that she extended her baby’s stay to 42 weeks just to create a buzz on his birth.

She has been silent about these rumors, but yesterday, as she took him for a clinic visit, she shut all the haters up by showing documents that hold the date of her first son’s birthday.

Yes, he was born at Aga Khan and according to the documents, the baby was born on the 2nd of October 2019.

Tanasha Donna's Pregnancy Photoshoot

Tanasha cleared the air with a harsh caption under the picture of the documents calling out blogs who made it look like she is a selfish mother who will want her child to celebrate a fake birthday just for 15 minutes of clout.

I know people do a lot for clout. But fake my son’s birthday for 15 minutes of clout? Only an idiot can do that. What kind of a mother would I be to have my son celebrate a fake birthday each year? I’d be a very selfish mother to do that. Foolish blogs! Never get their facts right!

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna's son birth certificate, date of birth

So there you have it. Solid evidence. Now we can cut the poor mother some slack and let her nurture her first child in peace as she prepares to drop her EP.

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