Tanzania's Jux ties the knot in a secret wedding with Barakah Da Prince's ex-lover Naj

After his break up with singer Vanessa Mdee a few months ago, Juma Jux also known as the African Boy has been jumping from one relationship to another with the latest being his Chiness lover with whom they had since parted ways.

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The two filled the internet space with pictures of them having the best of each other's time in every destination they visited together and it stirred a lot of questions later after Vanessa Mdee unfollowed Jux on Instagram.

Everything was moving fast and swift until recently when we started seeing Jux posting photos on his Instagram but not with his Chinese lover as usual.

Rumours had it that the two had gone separate ways and that Jux was now dating singer Naj Datani who apparently has been in a very long relationship with Tanzanian star Baraka Da Prince.

[caption width="513"]Barakah Da Prince and Naj [/caption]

Baraka Da Prince who was once signed to Rockstar music by Alikiba fell out with his lover and business partner Naj and that is when Jux found his way through Naj's heart and now boom the two just got married in a secret wedding in Zanzibar.

The wedding which was attended by family members and a few invited guests is set to be made public late this week.
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