Uganda: We only play good music, Pia Pounds music kicked out at La Paroni

Pia Pounds may have made her name with the socialite life but it seems not to be for her music. The singer on Friday night stormed La Paroni with her manager Kuseim and a team but instead opted to spend her entire time enjoying photo moments with her fans.

While her manager Kuseim countless times begged to have Pia Pounds music played at the DJ’s Box, the DJ rather played little known songs of Kabako and Diamond Oscar but not pimped Pia Pounds. The DJ’s reason remained firm “I play music that people enjoy, I am here to serve the people”

The incident saw her manager stand at the DJs box for three straight hours with no success until they finally left for Guvnor. Revellers were left wondering, Is Pia Pounds music that bad to have Diamond Oscar music have first precedent?
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