Vera Sidika amazing advice for women who try to change men

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika or as her childhood friends knew her as, Veronica Shikwekwe Sidika is not mincing her words as she gives women what even I have to agree is wonderful advice on relationships.

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Vera Sidika who doesn’t always seem to inspire positive feelings in alot of people whenever she opens her mouth to give advice has been on a streak of positivity that her new boyfriend has pumped into her life.

Since her new relationship with Jimmy Chansa started, she has been on cloud nine and one thing that strikes me is how happy she is for the short while this relationship will last.

Let’s face it, none of us really expect Vera Sidika to actually settle down with this young Tanzanian doctor, because her past behavioural patterns inform us so.

Vera took to her IG account to share a story about women who try to change men and the men who eventually change when they feel they have found a woman worth settling down for:

I’ve seen men leave 5-10 year relationships, turn around and get married to a woman he’s known for 6 months. And does all the things his ex always begged him to do. Word of advice, stop preaching to these men, they hear you. He’s not going to ever be the man you want him to be because you’re not the woman he wants to be with. People change for who they want. Period.
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