Video of Police Threatening to Shoot K24 Reporter Emerges

Police snatch a camera from a K24TV cameraman while covering the ferry rescue operations

A video has emerged showing how an Administration Police officer attacked and threatened to shoot a journalist.

The officer, armed with a rifle tried to rough up a K24 cameraman John Makuba as he took pictures of a warehouse alleged to be storing tonnes of poisonous sugar.

In the video, the officer is seen trying to put his gun in a position to fire as his female counterpart intervenes and shoves him away.

As the journalist continues to capture the images, the officer is seen trying to smash the lenses of the video camera.

Reports claim that the images of the warehouse were a the Pan Paper Factory in Webuye where sugar is allegedly being stored.

Additionally, witnesses at the scene claim that the officer affirmed that he was acting on orders that was directed to him.

Captioning the video, ODM Communications Director Phillip Etale condemned the act asking Kenyans to cease taking sugar as they are not sure which brand is contaminated.

"For FOUR years, I have not done sugar and I am healthy. I don't miss it. Now you have all the reasons to quit sugar. You will never know which packet is contaminated and which one is not," Phillip Etale exclaimed.

This comes in the wake of an expose that poisons are being sold to unsuspecting Kenyans thinking that it is genuine sugar.

Samples carried out on 1,400 bags of illegal sugar seized revealed that some sugar contained dangerous elements such as mercury and copper.

Kenyans were, however, haste to condemn the deed insisting that the government ought to take action against the heinous act.

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