Why 'Skilahmatic' album by Ketchup is essential to Africa

Afro Dancehall and Reggae sensation Ketchup has just released his debut studio album titled “Skilahmatic” on the 25th of October, 2019.

The 17 track album has just set the Afro Dancehall scene ablaze.

Skilahmatic is an album that is set to explore the various multifaceted talent of Ketchup and will establish the Afro Dancehall & Reggae sound he is known and established in.

Ketchup Onyido is best known as a World Music Singer. Award-winning dancehall artist who has become known for popular singles like “Nuvo,” “On the Beat,” and “Show Me Yuh Rozay.” The latter single peaked at number 1 on the SoundCity Top Ten Nigeria Chart.

He was born on May 1, 1985 in Lagos, Nigeria. His remix of “Show Me Yhur Rozay” featured Olamide and Phyno. His interest in music was first sparked by his late father who was a fan of artists like Bob Marley.

Into adulthood, he majored in mass communication at KL University Malaysia.

Ketchup who has given us Pam Pam, Big Daddy & Sweet featuring Flavour off the Skilahmatic Album has just set a trend.

Being his first album, it has just come at the right time just like those thriller movies that are released right before Christmas and this one has brought his fans a new album and energy.

I would be mean not to say how much the album has been properly packaged and the sound mixing & mastering is just on point in all levels from the first track 'Big Daddy' that was produced by Tony Ross to the last one 'Alakoba' featuring Lazbizi that was produced by Jay Paul Beatz or as he is known now Jayxpoppinx.

Pam Pam is the biggest hit song on this album having garnered more than 10 million streams since it's release and it is one more reason why y'all should get to any digital store and even stream this masterpiece as much as you wish because the good thing with streaming on platforms like Spotify and BoomPlay is that you only need your subscription intact and your internet on speed and you can listen to your favourite songs all year long.

'Sweet' featuring Mr. Flavour has got lots of vitamins and minerals just like they sing in the song. The Orbeat produced track is superbly metorphored if that is even an English word lol as it is one of those tracks that if someone sings for your woman just know you are out of that match with a 10-0 lose on your side.

And the same energy is channeled into tracks like 'Olingo' and 'What Would You Do' not forgetting 'She Issa Flirt' that has one of the most magical touch a dancehall track has ever had since I started becoming a dancehall fanatic.

Now, you know why this album might sell more than any other album on this side of the world?

Ketchup is not your ordinary artist, unlike other musicians he is always on the look out to give his fans his attention and how he interacts with his fans both online and off the web is just exemplary and motivating.

Fans need to feel like they belong and that is what Ketchup has been doing ever since I became part of his family as he calls it all the time, he values his fans as much as he values his immediate family and now they are not his fans but his people.

Very many artists end up not making enough out of their albums because they are only there for their fans when they need them to support their art but not when the fans need them, it should be both sides coz that's what life is all about. We rise up when we lift up another.

With these little much said about the album I would just like to bring to your attention the emergence of a new star in the making; Lazbizi who is really going to mess up with your radio waves soon because this dude is way up in this music class.

Enjoy Skilamatic Album Below:








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