"I will marry myself," - Tanzanian female rapper Chemical

Tanzania’s female artist Claudia Lubao alias Chemical, who has been doing rounds on social media with sultry beach photos of her boyish looks has just released a new banger titled 'Najiskia'

The sultry Chemical, is known for her unique hip-hop style and goes beyond the conventional Bongo female artist with her gangster approach and tomboyish bravado.


Many have questioned whether this dynamite bongo rapper swings both sides of the spectrum when it comes to love.

This is especially pronounced when you take a peek into her social media accounts that crawl with hot seductive women singing along to her latest hits.

What makes it more absurd is her hashtag slogan in most of her Instagram posts #NTAJIOA or simply I'll marry myself.

She steps beyond the norm and is unlike most Tanzanian female musicians, known to take the more seductive feminine approach, churning out famous hit makers in the likes of Lady Jaydee, Saida Karoli, and Vanessa Mdee, just to mention a few.

Chemical is yet to disclose her choice in partners but it goes without say why one would question her choice, seeing as she could easily be mistaken as a man in some of her music videos.

Needless to say, Chemical is extremely talented and whether she’s into boy’s or girl’s, shes sure to be one of the top bongo artists to watch out for as far as her new song 'Najiskia' and her popularity is concerned.



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