Controversial banger 'Mbulu' by Videz Hybrid served with a video

Videz hybrid is back with a controversial banger dubbed mbulu which happens to be the 2nd single off the mix tape 'dancesoul'.

Mbulu is a meditational song that outlines how the youth in the Ghetto mingle and interact among their peers.

The song is produced by imesenjah of Steto Records who gives it an African dancehall vibe that one can say is in line with the wave of 'gengetone'.

Directed by Bryan M Brand who has been working closely with Videz on a couple of projects under Blue Nation Movement, Videz is set to release a single after every two weeks building up to the official release of the mix tape on his birthday on 4th of December 2019.

Self-proclaimed dancehall guru who is also a producer promises his fans nothing but pure good music in the mixtape.

Watch Mbulu music video below:
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