Diana Marua defends Weezdom from a lady who accused him of infecting her with herpes

Last week, one of the biggest stories was the fact that EMB signed artiste Weezdom had been accused of infecting a young groupie of his with an STI.

The artiste who recently teamed up with Bahati for a collaboration track called Block was outed after the lass with whom he engaged in unprotected sex with started pissing blood and had to go to the hospital.

For those of you not in the know, when you are found to have an STI, you are often told to advise your sexual partners to get tested.

Weezdom’s situation is not the first we have seen in the year alone with both Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat catching flack for engaging in unprotected sex and one of them was accused of infecting a young lass with Herpes.

Weezdom’s case might point to a problem -Gen X kids view condoms as anathema- but for today we will focus on the fact that the lad got support from a rather unlikely source; Bahati’s wife Diana Marua.

Weezdom and Diana Marua had only recently made peace after they had a falling out when he left EMB Records but now she has his back like a backpack!

Diana Marua forgives Weezdom after kicking him out of EMB, asks him to help build the empire
Taking to his IG, she commented on a post of his in which he promoted his song Block and also used it to say he is impervious to the allegations made by the video vixen:


While alot of clowns were at his headtop with their jokes, Diana Marua said:

Piga hiyo #BLOCK tukisonga… You are going far, the devil ain´t got nothing on you!!!💕💕💕
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