Elani is back! Everything you need to know about their new album "Colors of Love"

It feels as though we have been waiting forever for this latest project by one of the country's most talented groups.

Elani is back, and to be honest - we can't keep still.

The trio has been known for consistency of sound and stunning live performances, and with the holiday season set to kick off, we are super excited to have some great tunes to bop to as a soundtrack to our celebrations!

Maureen, Brian and Wambui have released their 11 track project "Colours Of Love" which they describe as a story of their own lessons in love - from the high points, to the hardships, to everything in between.

That love is symbolised by the colours Yellow / Red / Grey / Black / White - which representt the journey of emotions experienced in relationships.

The group breaks it down in this way:

YELLOW: YOUNG LOVE - This is new love, fun love, puppy dog love at the onset of a relationship - when you first meet somebody who you’re attracted to and who you want to get to know better.

It’s when you’re jittery and excited when they call you, how nervous you are before and during your first date, the feeling of joy and ecstasy every time you see the person.

RED: ESTABLISHED LOVE - This is a more mature love, a more committed love. This is when a couple first says, “I love you” – and it’s starting to go beyond simple infatuation.

It is deep and sincere, with compromise & sacrifice, working together to create the relationship that both of you want.

In the passion and optimism, you start making plans to be in each other’s lives forever.

GREY: SHAKY LOVE - The trials and tribulations of relationship start to take a toll on you. What you once found as an endearing even quirky thing in your partner is now an irritant you can’t wait to quash.

At this point, you start to see that the person you’re with is not perfect. Some insecurities rear their heads. Doubt, confusion, miscommunication, frustration set in.

You even start to take each other for granted as feelings of mistrust start to creep in. You are no longer certain this person has your back.

BLACK: BROKEN LOVE - Where once you were certain love thrived, now all you have is strife and dislike. Fights are happening all the time, neither understands where the other is coming from.

There’s no shortage of anger, unhappiness, hopelessness, disrespect, lies, disillusionment. You look for any excuse to leave. You feel alone, betrayed, rejected.

WHITE: HOPE BEYOND LOVE - The light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the struggles despite the shattered dreams, you have lessons you have learnt. You have reached a point of inner growth from introspection. This is a time of revival and rejuvenation

Listen to it on Boomplay

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