Ifikie NTSA: Kisumu based artists release new song aiming on road safety

Many at times we fail to dig deep into our playlists to find some of the amazing and well crafted sounds because nudity has clouded the whole entertainment scene.

We recently saw Ethic's new jam Tarimbo pulled off YouTube after Ezekiel Mutua wrote to Google concerning the content of the song that promotes 'rapey' messages till we forgot about other nicely written and scripted tunes.

I come across this specific song during my daily YouTube go rounds and I am tempted to click and watch because of the title 'Matatu' hoping it is like on of those songs YouTube recommends every time for me. Well, it is not!

Matatu is one of those songs that should even get more airplay and rotation if at all we need to do away with irrelevant content that we have been subjected to for the past two years in the name of Gengetone.

I am not saying I do not enjoy Gengetone but neither am I saying I am a real fan of gengetone because it is something I have been subjected to, we are all slaves of the new wave and we can only break the shackles by starting to watch out for songs like Matatu.

Song written and performed by two Kisumu based artists Enock Tooze and Chief Moses is campaigning for careful use of roads by pedestrians and motorists to reduce the rate of accidents and deaths on our roads. It calls for road users to take care of road furniture and ensure safety all the time.

Need I say more when you can all listen to the song for free on YouTube? Watch Matatu by Enock Tooze and Chief Moses below:

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