Octopizzo Joins the Gengetone Wave

I bet y'all never seen this coming at all considering that namba nane rapper Octopizzo is not a fan of collabos.

With Gengetone taking over the Kenyan airwaves it is with no doubt that everyone now wants to go with the wave just to feel like they belong and that is what Octopizzo will be doing tomorrow.

The announcement came as a surprise to not only his fans but also gengetone lovers like myself who have never imagined Octopizzo on a gengetone track but well he did justice to that banger in his jam TBT so why not.


Octopizzo took it to his Instagram a few minutes ago to state that the song is already having 6 people in it so he does not have to wait for his favourite date; 8th to release the track so it is coming out tomorrow at exactly 0060 hours.

Who else is ready for it?
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