Rash Raww unites with Chidi & Mattan in 'One' song to dwell on racism

Having met in meet in Flensburg (Northgermany) three years ago Rash Raww, Chidi and Mattan from Kenya, Nigeria and Germany respectively narrate their encounter with racism in a new song ‘One’

Chidi and Mattan have since established “Friends in Flens” a music group and international artist Network that has worked on various musical projects including “One” EP that has five other tracks including “One”.

The song has been around about three years old with the music video being released this week.

“We shot some scenes in Hamburg, Germany with Freddi Visuals and some scenes in Nakuru, Kenya with Crizo Mzeyah.

Tambua Events was also supporting us, so the Video is somehow also a Part from our “Kenya” – Project,”

says Mattan

“One” has a very powerful and important Message. The Song is based on a true Story and is about racism, but also love and hope.

We have more and more problems with racism in Germany and Europe nowadays.

For that reason they hope to reach as many people as possible with our Message. Because we want to spread Love and have a real unity again.


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