Timmy Tdat & Rosaree delete 'Vitamin U' video off YouTube

The heat must have too much to bear for Timmy Tdat and Rosaree following the threat of legal action placed on Ethic and their new song Tarimbo.

Ezekiel Mutua is definitely not sleeping at work this time round as seen with the previous acts of his action.

It first started with the ban of Taka Taka by Alvindo and KRG The Don that left the two traumatised for what they termed as limiting creativity.

Well, yesterday Kenya Films Commission board boss' Ezekiel Mutua came out to rebuke the work of the new generation artists who promote nudity and unethical morals in the society by using music. He termed them as hood thugs hiding behind music and creativity.

This came after Tanzania's Rosa Ree and rapper Timmy Tdat had released a new music video that was trending at number #2 right below Ethic's Tarimbo on YouTube. The video shows Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree naked in a bath tab with Timmy Tdat grabbing and squeezing the female rapper's tits.

A few minutes ago while checking on the video on YouTube we found out it has already been deleted and we still do not know what has led the two to take such a step yet the video was already doing very well online.

Its time Kenya's industry embraced new world orders and its content.

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