Wakiritho by Octopizzo and Sailors hit by copyright claims

Forget about sampling and see it as theft!

Wakiritho by Octopizzo and Sailors is now trending at number 1 in Kenya with everyone talking about it and how the beat was sampled from Loco Tigo.

Well, the beat was not even sampled by downloaded and used without giving out proper credits to the producers. Unlike before where you could use another person's beat or instrumentals and go away with it, nowadays with the YouTube content ID element you MUST be caught up with.

Rapper Octopizzo denied allegations about sampling or rather stealing of the Loco Tigo beat and said all he did was sample but after we went through the details it is evident that Octopizzo stole a full beat from a YouTube content creator by the name 'futwile'

If anything is to go by we just found the exact beat and it has even garnered 350k views already.


Octopizzo on the other hand has nothing to use as his alibi onnthis because it is all evident in the screenshot below showing him having been served by a copyright claim by the owner of the beat.

We do not want to major on who is fooling who at this juncture but just to let you guys judge for yourself and give a verdict.

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