Dr. Ofweneke’s ex Nicah The Queen flaunts new man

It’s been close to two years since gospel singer Nicah the Queen parted ways with her ex-husband, Dr Ofweneke after accusing the comedian of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is such a bad thing...I had to walk away...I had to run...Yes, I’m a single mum of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids...”

“He (Ofweneke) assaulted me and I had to run away. We are done. I can’t stand such violence,” she said.

However, the Ushuhuda seems to have tried her luck at love once again and found her prince charming whom she couldn’t wait to share with the world.

They recently made a trip to the coast and judging by the pictures and updates by Nicah on Instagram, it turned out quite well although she kept him hidden the whole time

On their return from their ‘baecation’, Nicah posted a picture of her man as an appreciation but she deleted it not long after.

Despite her failed marriage to Ofweneke, Nicah has on several occasions made known her desire to get married again.

“I thank God for all the heartbreaks I have experienced, for all the pain and rejection I have faced....but guess what! I still want to love and be under someone, I still want to look up to and follow someone’s footsteps. I still want to submit and be someone's wife. I still want to pray for someone and love them without condition. I still want to be someone's best friend and hide their nakedness.

“One day I'll build my own house, I will love and honour my husband, he will call me blessed so are my kids. I can't wait and Papa God knows that's my heart desires,” she said.

The curvy musician has been sending social media into a frenzy with pictures and videos of herself. Not too long ago, Nicah uploaded a picture of herself in a swimsuit that prompted critics from a section of her followers.

“This is so sad, too much exposure, are you trying to market yourself?” commented a user by the name Queen Esther.
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