How King Kaka's new song 'Wajinga Nyinyi' is going to be the first Kenyan song to hit 1 million streams

Rapper King Kaka Sungura took the country by storm yesterday with his new song Wajinga Nyinyi (you are fools) calling out Kenyans for their hypocrisy.

Through a hard knuckle approach, he lays bare the corruption that has mauled all sectors of the economy, provoking some political leaders who responded fiercely through social media platforms.

He boldly says Kenya is being run by thieves, chiding Kenyans that they are yet again set to elect such politicians in 2022. “2022 already si mnajua nani ni prezzi, si mnajua Nyinyi voters ndio washenzi,” he sings.

He uploaded his performance in two versions on You Tube: a black and white video of the artist and sign language interpreter performing, and another is a lyrics video.

By today, the six minutes 47 seconds video on YouTube has more than 440,000 views while the lyrics version has, 25,000 views.

If it is to keep trending at number 1 as it has been on all social media platforms especially on Twitter where it has brewed a conversation with mixed reactions, then by the end of today the video is going to be reading 1,000,000 clean views on YouTube.

Despite the fact that a number of people mentioned in the song have had very nasty opinions there are those who actually love the song.

Former Kathiani MP tweeted through her Wavinya Ndeti Press Team, “@RabbitTheKing must be called out, you cannot abuse elected leaders simply because you want to seek relevance, we must draw the line on content creation. You can actually pass your message without dragging anyone disrespectfully.”

In response, some Kenyans trolled her for being unaccommodating to the truth.

Former presidential candidate Mwalimu Abduba Dida posted” “Kenya has about 50 million citizens and less than 2,000 elective positions. Ironically, when Kenyans get the opportunity to vote, they always pick the worst possible choices then spend the following five years crying. #WajingaNyinyi is a good piece of activist art. Thank you.”

“Hate him or love him The Swahili Shakespeare is not scared by those greedy, corrupt and wolves in sheep’s cloth,” posted Timothy Manoise.

Kaka echoes the criticism of other artists including Sauti Sol and Nyashinski who have also expressed similar concerns in their hit Tujiangalie (let’s scrutinize ourselves), criticising false development in Kenya.

But Kaka goes head on in his approach as he concludes in the song, “Hata kama tuko na Kenyatta, ndio maana strongly feel hatujapata uhuru.”

Enjoy the song below
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