JKIA Christmas tree replaced hours after Kenyans online made fun

The hideous JKIA Christmas tree that was the butt of jokes for Kenyans online has been replaced hours after it set social media abuzz.

Airport workers were seen putting together the new JKIA Christmas tree on Wednesday night.

The Kenya Airports Authority posted a message on Twitter on Thursday at 10pm after decoration of the new tree was completed.


A section of Kenyans who noticed that the JKIA Christmas tree had been replaced had this to say:

“Christmas Tree at JKIA. Before & After. Is the first production the level of delivery ? what about areas that Kenyans are NOT able to see . Thank you Kenya Airportsfor the correction but please stop cuddling animal called mediocrity. Get it right first time. Happy Holidays.” – Mohammed Hersi, Chairman of Kenya Tourism Federation.

“Now that Kenya Airports has mounted a better Christmas tree at JKIA can they ensure its properly decorated. As in properly decorated, after everything we’ve survived this year we DESERVE JUST ONE NICE THING. There are beautiful decorations in many shops. Thanks.” – Scheaffer Okore

“Now a better Christmas Tree has been erected in JKIA. It seems that for anything to work in this country there must be some force. Now we will force a revolution.” – Kaberia Jnr.

Kenny Kaburu said: “Due to your huge outcry online over the emaciated Christmas tree at JKIA, it has now been replaced with a more bigger and fatter one. Social media always winning.”

“That JKIA Christmas tree has been replaced with crazy speed! Lol,” Gituma Nturibi added.
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