Know why these Kirkos street wears are the go to casual wear this festive season

Do you remember asking your parents to buy you new clothes specifically for Christmas?

Well, now it may not be the case because the economy is really catching up with us even much faster than our age can even race for and all we want to think about is buying cheap and quality stuff that can last us a very long time. Kirkos Brand is the answer!

Kirkos is a Kenyan street wear brand created by Ethio-Kenyan dancehall musician Kennedy Tefera Tuiyott alias Teferah as is inspired by the designers life experiences between Kenya and Ethiopia with design patterns and colours from the different African countries.

Derived from the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Abbaba, Kirkos is a Greek word that means circle or round hence the design shape and slogan “Elemental Fashion”.

Its brand is typically available is extensive parts of the east African locations where most street brands don’t venture into or get down to doing more than just hoodies and t-shirts.

Offering sweat shirts, caps, bomber jackets, trousers,booty shorts and other fabric accessories all made in Nakuru,Kenya other than some fabrics imported from Ethiopia with most of the leather jackets made in Ethiopia, Kirkos is one of the fastest growing street brands in Africa.

They recently launched their summer season 2019 line which can be purchased on their website and social media pages and the designs are just incredible.

I first came across the Kirkos brands on a Facebook advert by Jumia during the Black Friday season and with the awesomeness and colorful taste of the designs I found myself checking out the whole online shop and everything is amazing.

With only 2,600 Kenyan Shillings I was able to part away with a hoodie and a pair of t-shirts both shipped to my doorstep within 24 hours.

You can order your own pair directly from their website or visit their Facebook Page to have a chat with their admin who replies instantly to all customers.
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