Octopizzo risks losing his YouTube channel after stealing yet another beat

If kufanya kosa sio kosa ila kurudia kosa ndio kosa was a person then Octopizzo is that person.

Do you all remember the fuss that was with his hit song Wakiritho that he featured the Gengetone kids, Sailors Gang?

Well, Octopizzo is one of those people who will steal from you today then do it again tomorrow knowing very well they already got caught on their own race and strategy.

Homeboy used a free downloaded beat and refused to give credit to the rightful owners until when YouTube content ID served him with a copyright claim on the sound recordings.

That means all the money earned on Wakiritho was being channeled to the owner of said instrumentals or sound recordings, too bad!

Now the same has just happened with his newly released single that is already trending at number 20 on YouTube with at least 100,000 viewers.

And as is evident on the screenshot above, our very own Pizzo de King just used another downloaded instrumental and failed to give credits hence another copyright claim on his YouTube video and well we all know with up to 3 copyright strikes your channel risks being terminated by Google.

Is it that out artists especially hiphop and rap artists are not ready to spend enough on beat production and engineering so they take refuge in downloaded beats?

Someone needs to come out and stop Octopizzo before he starts losing his originality and fans because if all is to be considered he only stands out because of the good sound engineering of his songs done by hos American producer Jon Rook.

What if he looses his hard earned space because his channel has been terminated by Google?

Watch Kamikaze below:

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