Khaligraph Jones shows up with his all grown up daughter

Ever since Khaligraph Jones became a father, he smiles more often. Babies are such a blessing.

The baby who is closer to turning one year old is slowly growing up to look like her mother with a few features resembling her father (thank God).

Georgina Muteti, her mother and Khaligraph’s ‘wife’ also lost her baby fat fast. Just like Tanasha she took to social media a while back to show off her peng body.

I guess her story is similar to Tanasha, her family genes are like that. She has always been a petite girl so.

Her first child with Papa Jones, Amali Jones Ouko is just too adorable. They are not shy of posting her on social media so maybe any time soon she will scoop endorsements. She sort of looks like a pointi with the mixture of her mother’s and father’s skin complexion.

It has been a while since we saw the family celebrate the baby monthly. Khali mentioned to his followers that he will be cutting cake for his daughter every month until she turns one.

Take a look at how grown baby Amali is:

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