Picture of Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote in bed with her boyfriend

If your weekend was short of love, sorry for you because the likes of Mama Dangote, Diamond’s mother was filled with love.

Her boyfriend Uncle Shamte shared an Instagram story of shirtless in bed with a very happy Mama Dangote. From the picture, it is easy to assume they were having a serious and intimate moment.

The picture did not stay the complete 24hours he ended up deleting it after it was picked by Tanzanian blogs who claimed they were taking a commercial break from pekekjeng. This was the assumption seeing as we had just come from celebrating love on Valentine’s Day.

Mama Dangote is not much of a sharer of her private life contrary to her son and her boyfriend. You can always tell that he loves Diamond’s mother and vice versa.

Last year, the two decided to let their followers in on their relationship. Mama Dangote is very shy especially when she is questioned about their relationship.

Here is the intimate picture of the two in bed:

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