VIDEO: Akothee’s daughter Rue happily grinding on Kizz Daniel

Akothee, while you were away your daughter Rue Baby made it to see Kizz Daniel perform and she had a lit night.

From where we were standing, she knew all his songs and passionately sang along. Kizz noticed her and kept directing his lyrics to her.

When we sang his famous song, Sofa, he asked a lady to join him on stage for a good time saying he needs some Kenyan grinding.

Rue Baby was carried to the stage by the bouncer and she did her thing. Next thing we know, she was carried on his shoulder and he jammed to this song.

She was in utter shock that she got to meet her celebrity crush and left the stage happy and satisfied.

Kizz Daniel was the main act of the day alongside Gengetone artistes, Sailors and Ethic Entertainment, Nadia Mukami, Big Trail, the man behind the 2019 hit song, Parte after Parte and Kizz’ surprise act, Skibii.

Kizz Daniel arrived at Uhuru Gardens and immediately walked to the stage where he gave an electrifying performance that ended at 4:54 am. He really serenaded the ladies who were waiting for him and made sure everyone had a good time in as much as he was late and the crowd was not what he expected.

Here is the video of Rue Baby getting the lifting of her life courtesy of Kizz Daniel:

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