Here is how many chances you denied your favorite artist

When was the last time you bought song or an album from a Kenyan artist?

Well, I know my headline would sound like I am killing your favorite artists already but tell me why I should not talk you to bet on me that this particular genre is under performing and it is because of us all that it is not getting the much support it deserves.

Do you ever take your time to ask yourself why this particular artist Diamond Platnumz is an A-List artist recognized globally? Some might say it is because he his music is ‘good’ and others would argue that his star was meant to shine. We are all right!

Forget about the fact that he already has 8 million Instagram followers or 1 million YouTube subscribers coz everyone has to start somewhere, we all got to start from zero to get to our thousands and that is what our beloved baby gengetone is doing.

She is making baby steps after it has crawled for two straight years with vigor and self-driven motivated spirit. She is hungry to stand up, walk and see the sunrise on that hall of fame!

There is Burna Boy and then there is Diamond Platnumz and his Wasafi crew of very well groomed artists, dancers and producers all making million dollar steps each and every day. What is common here?

Ever asked yourself why you a whole magnitude of French speaking people will fill up a stadium in Congo to witness a Diamond Platnumz or a Burna Boy concert in Algeria where the bigger number speaks Arabic and every single song they can sing and rap along.

Sarkodie raps in Twi and we all know every Obidi word he says but we do not understand what it means until we get to Google and realize he is doing a diss track to Shatta Wale.

Why are we not doing the same with our sheng like Diamond and Rayvanny is doing for Swahili and it is crossing borders?

I get my brain to work when someone argues that they cannot play gengetone music because the songs are vulgar yet the same person will press play weka mate niteleze kama nyoka pangoni or worse still bring T.I to a live TV interview and play his songs with b*tch and f*ck words in the lyrics. What kind of medulla confusion is this?

Someone reading this should take a break and translate what b*tch means in sheng if not poko or ngeus, or better still where did Wiz Khalifa get the 200 million views on is songs that he talks about getting high and having sex, please just stop wasting your time translating that and come back to the real issue here.

Let us not force our literate selves into being hypocrites and I say educated because you won’t be reading thi if you do not know how to read.

It’s time we exported our gengetone to England and colonize them with our music like Mr.Eazi did with Afrobeats back then in 2017 and don’t forget the same Mr. Eazi saw the potential of the language and went ahead to use it in his song Ogede coz sheng is the present and the future. Kenya is mine field!

The more time we take before we embrace this language and sound the more power we give our neighbors to come and exploit us. Soon we will see Wasafi-Gengetone colabos because already the Nigeria is coming for them as they had already started doing songs with Ex-Ray and Dj Kaywise already has a series of songs with them.

It is the same way they shut down Willy Paul and Bahati when they were already on that plane to being international acts and we were busy arguing whether they are saved or not and whether they are gospel or secular artists.

The boys and girls of gengetone are doing well but they would be better off if we added more time, money and faith on their craft for them to start filling up those stadiums and bringing down investors like Redbull Championships and WWE matches to Kenya coz we can agree that Ethic is the first musical group from Kenya to ever get a full publishing record deal from Universal Music Group and earlier this year Sautisol followed suit.

Let’s us stop being followers and start being fans!

In my next article I want to talk about how our artists can start turning us into fans instead of follower so sit tight subscribe for our newsletter and share the knowledge.

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