Aisha Jumwa Is Back Attacking the Police

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa returned with an angry attack on Kenya police over alleged disconnect in the government's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a video posted on her social media platforms on Friday, April 17, Jumwa lamented that the police officers stationed in Malindi had taken to harassing area residents in the guise of enforcing government directives in the fight against the pandemic.

"What is happening here in Malindi is only bringing strife amongst the residents. If there is an organ that is the weak link in the fight against the pandemic it is the police service.

"They think in their minds that they are helping matters but they are only making things worse for the country," Jumwa stated.

She further lamented that despite her support for the government's directive on Kenyans wearing masks when out in public, the police enforcement of the same directive was lopsided and ineffective thereby putting the residents at risk.

"Right now, someone can pick underwear or any piece of cloth and wear it, and they will be deemed to be in compliance with the directive simply because they have their noses and mouth covered.

"These substandard masks that people are wearing is putting Kenyans' lives at risk. I was of the opinion that the government would be issuing masks that meet the World Health Organization (WHO) standards before issuing the directives forcing people to wear masks," she stated,

She further added that the police officers had turned corrupt and greedy and were harassing area residents including bodaboda riders all over the counties for allegedly not complying with directives.

"I am hearing claims that the government has now brought us a contingent of GSU officers. You can bring them all here if you wish, but you should also step up your efforts in protecting the area residents.

"Stop being greedy and harassing the youth in the region. These young men are working hard to ensure that they have masks and follow the government's directive, why are you being harsh on them? the local legislator posed.

She further accused the police officers of attracting the wrath of the area residents through alleged impropriety in their day to day operations.

"I can state without fear of contradiction that these people are extremely corrupt, and if [Interior CS Fred] Matiangi and [Inspector General] Mutyambai can do nothing about the police in Malindi, then they are putting us all at risk.

"You must do something. These officers have tortured and harassed the youth all over. Do not keep complaining that the youth are attacking the police. The young men are not insane. It is just retaliation for what they are going through every day," she concluded.

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