Bensoul Drops New Song 'Salama'

Sol Generation records musician Bensoul has dropped a new acoustic  video dubbed ‘Salama’ .

‘Salama’ is a prayer that God may watch over those struggling to make ends meet in this difficult time, where the World is battling the Corona virus.

In the song, he notes that following the government’s move to put in a place a curfew, some families lack food, and as such the bread winners have to work till late, and at times, find themselves out during curfew time, for such a lot, Bensoul asks God to protect and keep them safe.

“Giza la saa moja Limenipata kwa shamba Ninaogopa Polisi na wakora Siwezi lala njaa Nikitazama Ninaondoka Nirudishe salama,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

Unlike the two previous releases, for ‘Salama’, Bensoul has opted for a lyrical video, and not a video of him doing the song live.

The beats in this new release are slow creating a nice mood for prayer; which is in line with the main theme in the song.

This is his third release for his series ‘QuaranTunes’ that he promised to drop during this quarantine period.

Over the past two weeks, Bensoul has dropped ‘Forget You’ and ‘No Kisses’.

Among the three, ‘Salama’ is the first track that has a message directed to Kenyans and his fans globally facing challenges due to the corona virus.

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