Black Coffee wants to raise funds for SMEs - Corona Virus

After successfully raising R90 000 ($5 000) to help South Africa fight COVID-19, Black Coffee has announced that he aims to fundraise for small and medium-sized (SMEs) businesses that have been negatively impacted by the crisis.

The ‘Someday’ hitmaker has partnered with non-profit organisation SAveABusiness to host an online performance on 18 April.

Black Coffee intends to raise $50 000 via crowdfunding platform GoFundMe (link is external)where the public can donate funds.

“For this Saturday's stream, I've teamed up with SAveABusiness, which is dedicated to granting relief to various small South African businesses in need,” Black Coffee wrote on Instagram. “Let's do our part and keep each other afloat where we can – donations are now being accepted.

“It's a strange time for us all, but our favourite local businesses may be taking the largest hit. With uncertainty and indefinite closures, the mom and pop shops need our help #WeAreOne(link is external).”

Black Coffee also wrote on Twitter: “This week Home Brewed is dedicated to give aid to small SA businesses during this pandemic. We Are One, any contribution makes a difference, let’s do our part."

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