Citizen TV Forced to Run Magufuli Apology for A Week

Citizen TV will reportedly run an apology to Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli, after accepting that they used inappropriate words to describe the neighbouring head of state's fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19).

In its apology that ran on Tuesday night, April 14, the Royal Media based station acknowledged that on Sunday, March 22, it reported on the strategies the Tanzanian government had laid in its fight against Covid-19.

However, the title of the report used the words 'Ukaidi wa Magufuli', (Magufuli's Defiance) to explain President John Pombe Magufuli's stance in his fight against Covid-19.

"Citizen TV would like to clarify that these words Ukaidi wa Magufuli (Magufuli's Defiance) were not used with the intention of misleading viewers on Magufuli's stance or that of the Republic of Tanzania in the fight against the pandemic.

"As explained by Tanzanian Ambassador to Kenya, Pinda Chanda, in an interview with Citizen TV, President Magufuli has stood steadfast with the African Union and the East African Community in the fight against Covid 19. Therefore Citizen TV acknowledges that the words Ukaidi wa Magufuli (Magufuli's Defiance) were not appropriate," the apology read.

A source within the station disclosed to us that the media house was forced to run the apology for one week after Magufuli reportedly switched off Citizen TV in Tanzania.

As of Tuesday, April 14, Tanzania reported 53 cases of Coronavirus, with three fatalities and seven recoveries.

President John Pombe Magufuli was harshly criticised for declining to close down places of worship. However, the Tanzanian government shut down schools, directed foreign arrivals to quarantine and banned public events.

On Easter Sunday, April 12, Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority announced a suspension of all international passenger flights due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Cargo flights are exempt from the suspension, but crew members will be quarantined at Tanzania government facilities during their stay," the TCAA announced.

President John Magufuli in a televised message announced that the country would not be closing its borders due to humanitarian concerns, as the closure would impact land-locked countries in the region dependent on its ports.

Video: Citizen TV

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