Deejay Turns BBC News Theme Song Into A Bop With Dua Lipa Remix And It’s Gone Viral

A remix of Dua Lipa’s song ‘Hallucinate’ and the ‘BBC News’ theme has gone viral.

The pop star’s track from her latest album ‘Future Nostalgia’ was given a makeover when Glasgow-based Ben Howell uploaded his mix of the dance anthem intertwined the news program’s opening music.

At the time of writing, it’s been viewed by more than 15,000 people on YouTube and several employees at the BBC, including BBC Radio 1’s Greg James, and Dua herself gave their seal of approval.

Dua wrote: “quarantine level :

@BBCNews remix of Hallucinate by @piffleandwhimsy // thank you

@gregjames for sending me this! I think this calls for a new theme tune??? (sic)”

Greg, who hailed it a “certified banger”, has called on BBC News to change their theme song to Ben’s remix for this evening’s (28.04.20) news.

He tweeted: “Hi @BBCNews, Ben’s made you a new theme tune and it’s a certified banger. Please change with immediate effect. cc: @huwbbc, @BBCSimonMcCoy, @sophieraworth, @DUALIPA”

The BBC press team responded and promised: “We will have a word with the bosses….” And the BBC audience continued to push the station to adopt the new theme track.

Alongside a clip of his lockdown creation, Ben had tweeted: “BREAKING NEWS: I’ve finally finished remixing @DUALIPA with the certified BOP that is the @BBCNews theme!

And after the remix went viral, many have a few more suggestions based on Ben’s epic remix.
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