Harmonize opens up on beef with Diamond


Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize had the most dramatic and bitter ending to what they called brotherhood.

Mixing business and pleasure can sometimes be tricky because mnazoeana. Harmonize was at the peak of his career when he started making slow but steady moves of exiting WCB.

It got to a point he wanted his light to shine on its own without being under the shadow of Platnumz and of course that was going to make the boss man angry.

Harmonize had to pay a lot of money to finally start his own life,  but he always says it was worth it. Now he is a CEO of his management company, Konde Music World and he signed his first signee hours after Diamond introduced Zuchu.
During an Instagram Live interview with Nigeria’s Cool FM presenter, Do2dtun, Harmonize addressed the issue between him and Mr.Platnumz.

When asked what his current relationship with Diamond is like  he answered saying,

b I respect and he is doing a good job. I do not want to lie to you, I am cool with him. We are cool bro we are from the same country, Tanzania so we cool. We used to be friends and you know that but now we are not I do not want to lie to you. Nothing bad it is just that we are not working together anymore. That is what I am trying to say but we do not have any problem with each other. Some business reasons nothing personal.

The two worked together in many projects that turned out to be massive hits across the world, especially Kwangwaru, the song which opened up a lot of doors for both artistes.

They spent all their time together and whenever Diamond was caught in a scandal, Harmonize was always present. That is how close they were but business can easily break such a bond.

All in all, at least they are both doing fine in their different spaces musically.

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