‘I keep checking if I’m breathing properly,’ Akothee expresses Covid-19 fears

You see that moment when you are not feeling well and you are scared to death to google your symptoms, because you might get the same exact results you aren’t looking for?

Well that’s the exact same situation madam boss Akothee is at right now.

Just a day after she was out and about distributing water, liquid soaps and other valuables to the less privileged in the society, Akothee claims she has been having crazy headaches.

Akothee says she has been checking whether she has breathing difficulties and has had moments where her head keeps telling her that her joints are painful.

Those are some of the symptoms associated with coronavirus and the mother of 5 is having a hard time fighting the paranoia.

“My head is aching proper since yesterday 4:00pm.” Akothee wrote.

She continued;

I keep checking if I am breathing normally, my head at times tell me my joints are painful, but it’s a lie, please paranoia go kill person, I am not coughing, but I am tired of trying to imagine things, can someone just check themselves if they already have it, or you wait until you cough & can’t breath.

This is the most fkd up situation in the country man paranoia is real. GOD HELP YOUR PEOPLE

However, radio presenter Shix Kapienga might be on the same boat as her but she could not do much to neutralise the situation when she commented; Tuko wengi

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